They're made with love!
— Principal Walker
Walker Wings are homemade chicken wings that are made by Principal Walker, and typically served in Lakeside City School’s cafeteria. The wings are infamous for their foul taste, and they usually come in a shade of dark red.


Principal Walker usually lies about Walker Wings being "made with love" and having "several vitamins that are rich in nutrients". According to, these are the actual ingredients:

  • Whatever Walker can find from the Lakeside Waste Management Landfill.
  • Sock sweat that comes from the school's athletic locker room.
  • A "healthy dose" of Chip's drool.
  • Aloysius' tears.
  • Emile's toenail fungus.
  • Pig snout.
  • Bone marrow - for all we know, it could be from humans.
  • Live worms.

Boil all of those together in a bucket of grease at 375 F for at least two hours.


  • Walker Wings were the cure for the zombie outbreak in Mystery Meat.
  • Gordon is the only character who enjoys Walker Wings.
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