I'm gonna whoop your butt like a newborn baby and clothesline you into next week!
— Zachary
Zachary Laverty is a minor character in Edward and Eric. He is a Jock who attends Lakeside City School. He is voiced by Christopher Sabat.


Zachary is heavily obsessed with wrestling, and given his tall structure, deep voice, and violent attitude, this may not be surprising. He even wrestles with people outside of Gym class, to the point where it's been reported that he has beaten up some of his teachers before. He also claims to have a "finishing move" that can "make people bleed". However, outside of that, he has low self-esteem. He always blames the littlest faults on himself, which leads to him losing his temper. He claims his mother thinks he's a "failure".

It is highly possible that Zachary is a homosexual, since in one episode, he didn't understand why Travis was dating Kimberly "instead of him". He also believes he was a girl named Zoe "in his past life", and he says his other favorite part of wrestling is taking showers.


  • His birthday is December 31, at 11:59:59 PM on an unknown year.
  • His voice actor also provides the voices of Vegeta and Piccolo from the long-running series, Dragon Ball Z, as well as All Might from My Hero Academia.
  • In one episode, he actually DID clothesline someone into next week.
    • He managed to punch Constantinos so hard, that he wasn't seen until the next episode, which premiered a week later.
      • Furthermore, Constantinos' appearance in the aforementioned episode sees him falling from the sky.
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